Thursday, June 14, 2012

Washington DC

I have just returned from our nations capital, Washington DC. I was there for my brother's wedding so much of my time was spent glamorizing getting ready for the wedding, however, I was able to sneak in some shopping, eating (of course), and shopping. If you have never been here, you are really missing out on a great vaca filled with amazing museums, great eateries, and fabulous views. Although Washington DC may remind you of class field trips and are only partially correct. The other side of the coin is a ton of FREE museums, great shopping, and an opportunity to soak in some culture. Here are my recommendations for some of DC's top sites for a gal on the go in our nations capital.
The Mall at night in D.C.

Tour the US Capital
Exercise your right as a citizen and call up your local senator for passes to the Capital. All I had to do was call up my local senator's office and tell them the dates of my trip and I was able to get a guided tour of the US Capital. I met a page (thats a fancy name for volunteer) at my senators office and off we went! He gave us a guided tour of the capital that took us all over it including into the old Supreme Court chambers, the floor of the House of Representatives, and even into the dome. It was amazing- and free! I highly recommend this if you have the time in DC.

Located downtown on K street, this contemporary Belgian Brassier has it all! Great service, atmosphere, bar menu, and service. They have a great little outside patio area if the weather is good, otherwise a large bar area, and a maj selection of beer (over 100). Now my hubs was all over this ordering as many different beers as our table could fit, but honey, I can't quite get over my college distaste for beer (perhaps one to many Natty lights?), but the wine and champs list was also very extensive. For starters I had the Butternut Squash Crepe, which was amazing and sweet with the greatest sauce. My main course included me try to be healthy the Salmon which was a HUGE piece of fish (which I loved since sometime they try to skimp you at nice places) and some delish potatoes and brussels sprouts on the side, which to my amazement were super tasty (who would have thought?).

Visit the Newseum
The newseum is probably one of the best museums I have ever been too. It is HUGE and filled with so much news, all the way from an exhibit on the Presidents dogs to the Berlin Wall, to the 9-11 tribute, to all the Pulitzer Prize photographs. There is so much to see it will take you all day! The tickets actually last for two days just because of the huge exhibits. There is even a place where you can try to be a news anchor and record a video of yourself. 

Have a cupcake at Georgetown Cupcake

Now you all know I have a sweet tooth and this is the place to ditch your diet and indulge! I love cupcakes, and this place has some of the BEST out there. They have a ton of different options and all are as good as the next. I tried the Chocolate squared (read: chocolate on top of more chocolate) and the Vanilla with Chocolate. Honey, I tried to eat more but that was all I could manage, however, I know my fellow gluttons tried the Red Velvet, Earl Gray and Lavender, Black and White, and Vanilla squared, and they all raved about them as well. This is defiantly worth the trip, and they have several locations all over the city.

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