Thursday, April 12, 2012

Head Bandit

Yes, it's true I am a slight addict of headbands, a girl can never have too many as far as I am concerned. A good headband can make a bad hair day over faster then Brit Brits come back tour. The headband is the ultimate accessory. I love adding a headband when I am dressing up for a night on the town or heading off to work, and every girl knows headbands are perfect for pulling those loose hairs back when you are sweating off those carmel macchiatos at the gym. Normally, you would have those headbands for working out reserved for your gym bag...BUT there is a headband that can work both ways! 

Way I wear it: Sweaty Bands Scroll Down Your Playlist

Sweaty Bands can pull off that cute pony in the gym and then transfer to day or night time looks. They have about a million different styles, colors and patterns, and they don't slip back on your head or give you the dreaded headband headache!! I first discovered Sweaty Bands a couple years ago when I was training for my first marathon, and it stayed on my head for 26.2 miles without slipping, so I feel confident you can wear a sweaty band for an all day shopping session with no worries. 

Recently, I stumbled upon another brand, Punkee Love Headbands, which is similar to Sweaty Bands, but with an upgrade. Punkee Love Headbands have an adjustable back band so you are able to tighten or loosen them depending on your head size (mine is quite large-go figure). While I have not run 26.2 miles in a Punkee Love Headband, I have rocked them quite often with amazing results (no slipping and no headache). Punkee Love also has tons of different styles to choose from and I am planning on wearing one of their rhinestone headbands in my brother's upcoming wedding a la Charlize Theron's hair at the Golden Globes. 

Way I wear it: Punkee Love Headband in black sparkle

Way I Wear it: Sweatyband in Racing Stripes 

Sweatybands no slip back (shown in 26.2 pink and white)

Adjustable fit on the Punkee Love Headbands (shown in Zebra Shiny Red)

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