Friday, April 13, 2012

Friendly Competition

This week we had the first night of a four night dinner party/competition that my husband and I have organized with our friends. The premise follows the outline of a popular British TV program, "Come Dine With Me".

Basically, each person gets one night to throw the perfect dinner party, serving an appetizer, main dish, and dessert. The other three guests give the host a score out of 10 for the evening and in the end, the host with the highest combined score wins. In our case, the guests recorded their scores on a video camera (for added comedy) that we set up in another room. After the final dining night we will find out our scores and the winner gets a free meal at the restaurant of their choice. I love this idea for getting friends together, and you can play it any way you want... on my night I decided to focus on delivering awesome food, while our friend James has asked us all to dress up for the theme "Classic Rock".
In a stroke of bad luck, I was chosen to go first and I played hostess at a "Strawberry Summer" themed dinner party. See some snaps and get my recipes after the jump!

Small bites and drinks upon arrival:
Cheese Lollies
Strawberry and Goat's Cheese Tostadas
Pimento Stuffed Olives and Boquerones
Right: Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Martini

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