Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday- What I wore

Black Friday- What I wore
So I am all about Black Friday- but this year I was actually more about...Grey Thursday?? I guess thats what the kids are calling it these days :) All the stores and malls opened here at 10:00pm on Thursday with all kinds of sales, and you know I was right there girl!!  It was actually really fun, and not too crowded or cray cray. I liked it better then early morning shopping on Black Friday. Then, of course, I was not done so I headed out on Black Friday as well, but I wasn't out there until 11:00am because I needed to rest my weary feet from shopping the night before. It was high of 90 here in Arizona-- so I had to wear shorts but paired it with a long sleeve tunic. This outfit is a little bit of the same from how I previously wore this top before (here).  I love finding a great color combo and then just reusing it with different looks.
More next on what I bought for myself ;)

Armed with Starbucks to get the job done!!
Polka Dot Tunic- H&M (similar)
Shorts- Mossimo at Target (similar)
Purse- Channel (gifted)

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