Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Getting Organized

I am in a major reorganization mode right now, trying to get my closet under control. In order to get this  accomplished I took a trip to my local Container Store and spent waaay to much time there looking at all the fabulous organizing tools and gadgets. Two hours and a too much money later my car was filled with everything I needed to get organized in my closet. Here are some of the best things I picked up to use in my master closet. 

dream closet 

14 loop organizer
While the purpose of this hanger is for purses, I needed a more organized way to hang my scarfs so I used this awesome hanger for that (see below).

Scarfs on the 14 loop organizer

Another awesome thing I picked up was a case of 20 shoes boxes. These are great because they are clear, so you can see your shoes, and they are small, but fit stilettos, and they stack easily on top of each other. PERFECT!
Container Store shoe boxes
Putting my shoe boxes to work

I also needed more shoe storage (imagine that!) so I picked up an over the door shoe organizer, which is also amaze! It has big enough holders for heels, and also fits perfectly over your closet door. 

Como Over the Door 24 shoe hanger
A great solution for your shoes!

Something else that I picked up was some new hangers that help conserve room in your closet. They actually work and I was able to pick up some much needed space using these hangers. 

Huggable Hangers save space!

For my purse collection I was able to use these fabulous organizers to store my purses. They work great because they are large enough to hold your purses, but also are low in the front so you can see all your clutches.

Como Handbag storage solution
Purses organized!

I also put my jeans into bins, which are also great, because you can just take them down and look in them for the perfect pair of skinnys when you need them, and they are lightweight and really quite large. 

Como Open Bin

These bins are great for jeans, bathing suits, cover ups, etc 

Here are a couple more items I picked up that are also working great in my closet. 

Sweater Containers
Classic Hat Boxes

Como Hanging Sweater Bag

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