Monday, May 28, 2012

The Perfect Plait

The braid, while old-fashioned, seems to have taken over the heads of fashionistas everywhere. From elegant to punky, trendy to hippy-chic, I love braids in any style. Here are some perfect plaits that inspire me

More than just a ponytail

Bangs Braid:
I love this as a great alternative to a headband or a poof.

Hair legend, Jen Aniston grows out her bangs in style

Side Braid:
This one is simple, and gives you an option from the side ponytail.

A simple way to tame your tresses
I threw a hat on with this style for a fuss free day with my sis

French Braid:
I remember begging my mother to do this for me when I was in grade school, now this romantic style is simple and elegant

Amanda Seyfried shows off her locks with an elegant french braid

Fishtail braid:
I LOVE this option for your braid--- it's a good way to change things up and luckily it's pretty simple to do. Check out an easy tutorial here

The non-conformist's braid

Mermaid Tail:
I saw this one on Cup of Jo, and fell in love. Check out the tutorial here
a close up look at my mermaid tail
A fresh take on a traditional style

Braided Headband:
I have yet to try this one, but if you've got long hair it is a cute twist on a headband. Here's how to do it

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