Monday, May 7, 2012

Moms Rule

Mother's day is coming up and now that I am older I don't think the classic homemade coupon book is going to cut it. I love my mom and she is one of my best friends, so how can I possibly give her a gift to show her how much she means to me? I love gift giving and coming up with the perfect gift for someone is one of my favorite things...almost as much as wrapping them (but that's a whole other story). I have found some great gift ideas and inspirations for the perfect mother day gifts.

Enjoying a afternoon of wine and gossip

Breville Pie Maker- Williams Sonoma

Farmers Market Herb Wreath- Williams Sonoma 

Printed Summer Scarf- J.Crew

Crystal Starfish Earrings- J. Crew

Spring Straw Hat- Panama XIIX

Medium Carry All Wallet- Micheal Kors

Laptop Sleeve- DVF
Idiom thin bangle- Kate Spade

Any other gift ideas for moms? Love to hear what you are getting your mom this mother's day!

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  1. How sad is it that I want all of these for myself... I especially like the starfish earrings!