Friday, May 18, 2012

Bite Size Caramel Apples

Let's face it, everything is more fun when it's miniature. Mini golf, mini burgers, even miniature poodles are cuter than their full sized cousins. I decide to take the mess out out of my favorite carnival snack, and make it a bite sized delight--- perfect for parties!

How do you like them apples?

See the recipe after the jump!

Bite Size Caramel Apples

So much cuter than the original!

5 Granny Smith apples (makes about 30 mini apples)
Candy Apple Wrap or Caramel (I used caramel)
Chopped nuts
Chocolate Sprinkles.
Lolly pop sticks


Using a melon baller, scoop the flesh out of the apple. Put your lolly stick into the end without the skin, so the skin provides a flat base for the apple to sit on.

Dip the apple bite into the melted caramel, and immediately roll in the topping of your choice. 

Leave to dry on wax paper

That's it! Super simple, and looks cute at a party!


  1. These are so cute! I'll definitely be making these this summer. Now I have a use for all my leftover cake pop sticks :-)

  2. Exactly! These are as easy as cake pops and a little more healthy!