Monday, May 14, 2012

The 8 o' clock rule

Looking to ditch those last couple pounds? Girl, me too! I can always work out, eat right, and limit drinking to get almost to my goal weight, but there are a couple extra pounds that I can't seem to shed. Then I found out about the "8 o' clock rule" from all people...Oprah. She mentioned it on one of her shows and I tried it out and guess what, the women ain't lying-- it actually works!

Watch the clock girl!
Following the 8'o clock rule is simple and painless- as long as you are willing to keep with it for at least 2 weeks. The rule is you cannot eat after 8'o clock. The way this works for you is that you end up eating less over all and you are not eating right before bedtime. I have found that this limits my mindless eating while I am vegging out watching cat fights on any and all Real Housewives Series. If you eat right before you go to bed then there is no way you can work that food off so by not eating a couple hours before you go to bed you make sure have burned up all those calories before the day is over. If you go to bed late you might want to change it to 9' o clock or if you go to bed super early maybe change it to 6'o clock. Now it's true that some nights I find myself scarfing down some Ben and Jerrys at 7:58, but over all it's been pretty successful for me. 


  1. I heard of this before from Dr. Oz. It is very helpful indeed. Instead I would grab a bottle of water to help my mind to get off those late night cravings. Nice post!

    XO Jojo

  2. Good idea with the water!!