Monday, April 23, 2012

Jersey Couture

With the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" premiering last night, I thought I'd write a post about the Jersey phenomina that seems to have swept over society. Ever since My New Haircut gave preps and hipsters everywhere a socially acceptable excuse to start drinking Jager Bombs, Jersey has become an adjective rather than a place. 

Yes, it seems we can't get enough of the drama, antics and drunken sex from the Garden State. But that's not all, while we criticize the over accessorized, under clothed women of Jersey; I'd argue that many of today's hottest trends may have originated from these under appreciated fashion pioneers. 

Here's my list of Jerseyliscious trends: 

Animal Print
Deena from The Jersey Shore sports an animal print bandaid
No one can deny the Jerseyness of animal print. From zebra to giraffe and everything in between, animal print has made its way from trashy to sassy popping up in bags, sweaters, shoes, and more...

Gwen Stefani bundles up in a leopard sweater for an edgy playdate 
Victoria Beckham totes a bit of spice with an animal print bag

Gold Jewelry

Teresa Giudice reminds us that less is more
After a temporary hiatus, yellow gold has made its way back into the hearts of fashionistas everywhere who are looking to add a bit of retro glam to their look. Whether it's a vintage locket or a killer cuff, gold is back in a big way.
Blake Lively complements an electric blue dress with pretty gold bracelets 
Infinity Knot Ring
Atlas Dome Watch by Tiffany & Co


You can't miss the cast of the Jersey Shore in these brights
Before neon was this summer's latest trend, the Jersey Shore was crawling with bright hues. This year, neon promises to lend an electrifying element to your closet.

It's like being in a candy shop!
River Island Neon Laser Cut Clutch

Big Hair
Snookie rivals Marge Simpson in hair height
Snookie, who claims to have invented (and simultaneously ruined) the poof, is known for her sky high hair do's. Her signature style may not scream sophistication, but it has inspired some pretty rad hairstyles.

Rihanna's signature hair style has got some Snook to it
A toned down poof lends itself to a sexy ponytail

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