Friday, July 20, 2012


The Windy City!! I love Chitown- it is my favorite city in the USA. What's not to love? Wrigley Field, Magnificent Mile, Lake Michigan, I could go on forever. The past two weeks me and my hubby spent part of our summer in Chicago. Here are some of my favs (it was so hard to chose!) from our trip.

The Chicago Skyline 

The food in Chicago is the best! So many great restaurants I literally gained like 10 pounds in the two weeks I was there (no, seriously I swear). But I don't regret it at all! It was amazing! I feel like every time I go back to Chicago I discover more and more places to get my grub on. Here are some of my fans from the last two weeks!

Portillio's Hotdogs- I seriously go here at least 2 times whenever I am in the area. I love the Chicago Style Hot Dog and my hubby loves the Italian Beef. The fries and shakes are also to die for! (can you see why I gained 10 pounds!)

Second stop at Portillo's on the way out of Chicago!

Garretts Popcorn- The smells alone are worth going for! They make fresh popcorn and are known for the Chicago Mix- which is cheddar and carmel corn mixed together. I got a small bag of this and then a LARGE bag of the carmel corn. It is best when eaten right away when it is still warm, but let's not kid ourselves, it's great anytime after as well. 
Getting my fix at the Michigan Avenue Store
Oberweis Dairy- This is another fav that can be found all around Chicago-land. The ice cream and the shakes are THE BEST! They get all their milk and dairy from their own dairy and cows so it's super creamy. I love the hot fudge sundae and the chocolate milk shake, bet seriously anything you get is amazing. 
My hubby enjoying the chocolate mile shake

Architectural Boat Tour- All the times I was in Chicago I never did this tour, but this last time we decided to do it! So all aboard we went! It was such a great tour and a good way to see the city and learn about the history of Chicago. The tours leave all the time and you can reserve your tickets online or just show up and see if there is room on the boat. We went on Chicago Line Cruises and I would highly recommend this tour if you have the chance!

Cruising along the river

Shed Aquarium- I love aquariums and this one is one of the best! It is HUGE and you can spend a whole day exploring in here. They have it divided up into ecosystems which you can explore. There is also a dolphin show, which you can buy tickets for when you buy your general admission. Currently they have an amazing exhibit called "Jellies" which features all kinds of crazy jellyfish, totally worth it.

Jellies at Shedd


  1. I just moved here a month ago and love it! Always looking for new things to try, thanks for your reviews :)

  2. You're welcome! Let me know how you enjoy them!