Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Summer Splash: Prepping for the Pool

Almost as important as getting your bikini shape for the summer is getting your skin ready for days of short shorts, bikinis, and tank tops. With so many different products out there it's hard to determine what you need to get your self in summer shape. No worries gals, I have done my homework and have found some perfect products for primping before you hit those pool parties. 
Keeping up with the right products- a preggers Koutrney and Scott know the importance of products before heading out to the beach
Get that skin ready! You are going to be showing off your best assets ladies so make sure your skin is flawless! While we spend the most time taking care of the skin on our faces, don't forget about all those other parts that you will be flaunting when the temps start heating up. Here are some of my favs for getting your skin ready for summer.

Jergens Natural Glow Firming Daily Moisturizer- $8.00 Drugstores
I am obsessed with this product! It has everything you need to get ready for summer sexyness! Jeregens has several different kinds of natural glow products, but this is the best of them. Each time you put it on it makes your skin just a tiny bit more tan, and in 7 days you have a perfect glow! Once you have achieved that glowing skin, you can just use it every other day as maintenance to keep your skin that perfect shade. It also has cellulite blasting ingredients such as collagen, elastin and ginseng to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The firming ingredients work, especially if you use this lotion daily. With the addition of color and the firming, any problem areas will virtually disappear. An added bonus is it has a great coconut smell that will have you feeling like you are in the Caribbean! I highly recommend this product to get ready for summer!
Naturally beautiful- get your glow on girls!

Nivea Touch of Sparkle Body Wash - $6.00 Drugstores
Start your summer beauty routine with this body wash before you head out. This product is great because it has everything you can ask for in a body wash and it's super cheap! I have tried so many different body washes, and since I found this gem I have stopped looking for anything else. What I want in a body wash is a luxe, creamy, delicious smelling product that moisturizes my skin, and this product does all those things and more! This product is creamy so it adds moisture that stays with you through out your day. It also smells amazing, and although the smell does not stay in your skin, I actually prefer that so I can use my perfume and not be mixing too many different scents on my skin. The best part of this product is the little sparkle it adds. Now I love sparkles, so if you are ant-sparkle then this may not be for you. The body wash contains diamond powder that gives your skin just a hint of sparkle- I am not talking Keisha sparkle here ladies. The sparkle really only shows up in the sunlight so it will give you a perfect glisten when you are tanning those gams on the beach. 
Who doesn't love a little summer sparkle?
Cucumber and Lemon Water
Now you are not pouring this on your skin, but you gotta hydrate if you want to have glowing skin. Living in a desert has really reminded me of this simple, but often forgotten trick to make skin look great. Drinking tons of water will do amazing things for your body, but it will also hydrate your skin. A couple years ago I went for a spa day with my mom at the Red Door Spa by my house and discovered this amazing tasting water there. When I asked the attendants what was in it, they told me cucumber and lemon, and since then I always keep a pitcher in my fridge. Just cut up a lemon (I use the lemons from the lemon tree in our yard) put a couple slices in the water, and do the same with a cucumber. The more flavorful you want the water, the more lemon or cucumber you can put in. It's a simple way to freshen up the boring taste of water with good for you ingredients, which will keep you sipping away all day and lead to hydrated skin! Perfection.
Sip away to nourish skin!
Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish- $38.00 Sephora 
This body polish is great for use in the shower one to two times a week, especially when you are getting ready to show of that body at the beach! It smells delish with a strong lemon scent mixed with the sweet smell of sugar. If you are looking to get a spray tan then I defiantly recommend using this before you go to get your fake tan on. The reason I love this product is it's not too rough on your skin like many exfoliates and leaves your skin feeling super smooth. It has seed oils in it and those oils stay on your skin and soak in to make it so soft. It exfoliates without being rough and it rivals sugar scrubs I have gotten at spas. A definite must have to prep skin for summer!
Freshen up with this luxe exfoliant

Do you have any must have's to get your skin summer ready? I would love to hear what you are using to prep for the pool!

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