Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Summer Slim Down Part IV: Skinny Drinks

I love Bethenny Frankel and her Skinny Girl cocktails. However, if you're out for drinks with your annoyingly fit girlfriend who swears she always drinks beers (yeah right.), or you live somewhere you can't get her delicious drinks like me, you may need a few other options. These are my go-to DIY skinny girl drinks:
Skinny Ever After- The one who started the drink craze

1. Tinto de Verrano: in Spanish that's "red wine of the summer" and here in Spain it's the drink of choice in the summer time. Delicious and refreshing, Tinto de Verrano is a great way to enjoy red wine during the summer months, and serves as a lighter option than Sangria.
Red wine can be refreshing
How to make it: In a large pitcher, mix 1 bottle red wine with 2 cans sparking water with a bit of added sweetener. Cut up a lemon and stir in with a few ice cubes.

2. Flavored Vodka and Water: Ok so when I was told about this little miracle, I think my response was, "That sounds like something an alcoholic would order." Well, maybe that's true, but give it a chance. A bit of flavored vodka diluted with water has a nice kick and is great for nights out clubbing. Added bonus: clear so any dancing related spills are undetectable! If you would prefer something a bit sparklier, try it with soda water.

How to make it: Mix 2 parts water to 1 part Vodka and enjoy!

3. White Wine or Champaign: White wine and Campaign clock in at just under 100 calories, so if you aren't feeling the hard stuff, they can be an excellent alternative.

How to make it: Pop a bottle and enjoy!

4. Cucumber Smash: This light, refreshing cocktail is perfect for summer, I often make it for BBQ's and girls nights as an alternative to wine or beer. It's simple to make, and if you buy the honey syrup instead of making it, it's that much easier!

How to make it: In a cocktail shaker, muddle 2 slices of cucumber and 2 wedges of lime with 1.5 oz of gin or vodka and .25 oz of honey syrup. Shake and strain over crushed ice. Substitute the cucumber for berries and you've got another skinny drink in your repertoire.
** to make your own honey syrup, just mix equal parts honey and very hot water. It will keep in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.**

5. The Revitalizer: I saw this one on Oprah and I was hooked. Very similar to the cucumber smash but adds green tea for extra flavor. It's the perfect treat for a relaxing spa day.
anti-oxidants + booze= yum
How to make it: Shake 2 slices of cucumber, .5 oz honey syrup, .5 oz fresh lime juice, 2 oz cold green tea and 1.5 oz vodka and serve over ice! Yum

6. Shandy: Gotta have a beer? Try having a Shandy instead, this summery alternative involves mixing beer and ginger ale or sprite (diet will yield less calories!)

The perfect way to enjoy beer in the summertime
How to make it: 1/2 glass beer (lighter beer works best) and 1/2 glass sprite or ginger ale.

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