Thursday, May 31, 2012

'Do it up right!

In two weeks my brother is getting married and I find myself once again in the position of the bridesmaid. One of my favorite things about being by the bride's side is getting pampered for the big day, and this includes getting my hair done. I have done so many different updos and love trying new ones for each wedding. Now the term "updo" can bring back horrific memories of prom hairstyles from the 90s, but now a days a "updo" is really just a hairstyle with some or all of your hair being swept up, down, or to the side. In looking for what I will be getting done to my hair I found a plethora of amazing updos from my fav celebs, and incase you also find yourself walking down the isle...your welcome. 

The always hair perfect Carrie Underwood's twisted updo- with a little bump!

The hairstyle I went with- Charlize Theron at the Golden Globes- elegant and galm

Love the braid and messiness of this undo from the fab Blake Lively

Another braided updo from Jessica Alba

Love the texture here from Hedi

Always looks good- the side pony

Big buns--in her hair!! 

Lauren's half up half down looks perfectly polished

Take a risk and get the bouffon ponytail

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