Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Battle of the Bulge

The temperature is rising, and my bikini is staring me in the face. Living on the med, bikinis are more of a suggestion than a rule, and what little fabric the women do sport doesn't leave much to the imagination.  So, as I shop to find the perfect bikini (aka one that is larger than a Kleenex) I have started to obsess over one small bulge on my body: My inner thighs.

Give me your legs Megan Fox

The tiny bit of jiggle inside your thighs is equal parts annoying and stubborn. While it may not be possible to slim down to runway size, you can bare it all and feel great with a toned leg and minimal thigh chafing (don’t pretend it hasn’t happened to you).
These are my top 5 exercises for battling the bulge:

1.       The Inner Thigh Leg Raise:
Laying on your left side, cross your right leg over your left and plant your foot flat on the floor. Lift your left leg off the floor and pulse for 1 minute. Repeat on the other side.

Tuck in your tummy for an ab workout too

2.       Leg Circles:
I learned this one from 80’s fitness goddess Denise Austin (read more about my obsession here). It’s so simple and yet very challenging and it works your abs as well. Lay flat on the floor with both legs extended. Lift one leg and make large controlled circles in a clockwise direction. After 10 circles, switch directions. Then make 10 smaller circles in a clockwise direction, switch directions for 10 more.

Try to keep your legs as straight as possible, and keep your hips planted on the floor

3.       Side Lunges:
I have a love hate relationship with lunges: I hate doing them, but I love their results.  But the fact is, if you want to tone any part of your body below the navel, lunges are a must. Side lunges are a good way to switch up your routine and also target your inner thigh.

Try to keep your hips square and don't lean left or right

4.       Ball Squats:
No, this isn’t a kinky sex position, it’s a good way to incorporate your inner thighs into a normal squat. Use a medium sized ball, or rolled up towel if you don’t have one handy. When you get better, you can add extra weight with dumbbells.

You don't need any fancy gym equipment for this one!

5.       Tennis Shoe Raises:
This one is more of an ab exercise, but it keeps your thighs engaged. You can use anything from a tennis ball, to your shoe, to a large balance ball. However, the bigger the object, the more difficult it will become. If you use a balance ball, you can rotate your legs from side to side to work your obliques.

Raise your head and shoulders for more of a workout

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