Monday, April 16, 2012

Pony Up

With super long hair and a 20 minute bike ride to and from work, I rarely wear my hair down during the week. It is almost always up in the go-to look for women everywhere: the ponytail. Wearing a simple ponytail every day can be a bit boring, so I've come up with a list of jazzed up ponies that will rock your workweek!

Sleek Band Cammo Pony

Ok, I know this one isn't exactly mind blowing, but definitely worth including. The simple act of pinning one strand to hide your hair band can really change your look from frumpy to chic.

Hide and seek with my elastic band.
polished and pretty

Hangover Pony

This one is another simple but chic way to wear your pony. With a sleek part down the middle, a low pony and some big sunnies, you can go from late night out to afternoon brunch without a lot of prep. Got bangs? Fluff them with some dry shampoo or baby powder and you're good to go.

Rocking the hangover pony with big sunnies and the hangover cure- Starbucks.

Flirty Pony

While high ponytails went out when Mean Girls replaced Clueless, the flirty pony is the updated version. Give your pony some voulume by teasing it up near the rubberband. When you've got the height you want, spritz some medium hold hairspray and curl the ends. Wrap one strand around your elasticband to hide it, and you've got a no fuss, put-together, hairdo.

 Ready for a night out of dancing- no worries about my hair with this style!

a little volume goes a long way

Sleek Side Pony

The side pony is best worn with a bit of volume at the middle of your head. I like it with a side part and a little volume in the back. Part your hair and tease the section just behind the part. Comb over to tame flyaways and smooth out the look and spritz with some good strong hairspray. Secure the pony just behind your ear with a clear elastic and straighten the ends. Apply tea tree oil to the ends to keep them sleek all night.

My take on the Sleek Side Pony for a formal occasion

Messy Side Pony

I like this side pony with wavy hair, so if you've got natural waves, you're half way there. If you've got straight hair like me, you will need to start by curling your hair into loose waves. Loosely pull your hair all to one side, roll it upward toward your ear and securely pin it using bobby pins or a hair comb.
 Loose waves in the side pony can be dressed up or casual.
Last nights curls pull together a casual Saturday style

Curled Up Side Pony

The grown up sister of the Messy Side Pony, this one is more polished and event ready. You can add a little volume to this pony by teasing the hair at the crown before pulling it back into a side pony tail. Use an elastic to secure the side pony or like the messy side pony, roll and twist it upward and secure it with bobby bins or a hair comb. Then using a large barrel curling iron take 1-2 inch sections of your hair and curl them. If you used the elastic, hide it by using the tip above in Cameo Pony. Then slip on those heels and head out the door!
 Curled side pony for a glam night

Sleek Pony

Although this one isn't for me, many girls look hot with a fierce red lipstick and a slicked back pony. I especially like this for dark haired girls. Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox are a great example of how to pull off a sleek pony.

Va va boom this look can really highlight your...eyes...

Ever since KK got laser hair removal on her hair line (no joke--she admits it) she has been rocking this look, and with good reason, she looks flawless yet again (sigh)

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