Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pattern Play

Mixing patterns can be a tricky business, but if you can get it right, the result is a fun, funky look. I try to keep these rules in mind when I'm combining patterns...

Olivia Palermo mixes animal prints with stripes

1. Choose a pattern in a neutral color like cream, black, white or grey. Too many funky colors can start to look costumey.

2. Use prints of different sizes, large stripes with small stars or a large floral print with skinny stripes. By this rule, even stripes with stripes work as long as they are different sizes

3. While it's possible to mix 3 prints, I don't ever go beyond two pieces and I typically include alteast one element that's solid... tights, a scarf, or a cardigan

Mustard Cardigan- Ann Taylor, Black and Grey Tiny Dotted Shirt- H&M, Black and White Striped Skirt- Forever 21 

Stripes and Florals make a pretty spring combo: Floral Scarf by Limited,  Striped Shirt  by Mango

Way I wear it: H&M striped top paired with Francesca's floral skirt (similar), Forever 21 denim jacket, Limited yellow scarf (similar), Banana Republic leather sandals (similar). 
Animal prints and floral for spring: top by H&M, skirt by Francesca's 


  1. What great pictures and great suggestions. Mixing of patterns and prints can be tricky, but if done right it looks fabulous!

    Big City Farm Girl

  2. Thank you Dana! I agree, it's a hard line between clash and fab, but you gotta take some chances! Thanks for stopping by!
    xx Sarah