Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chambray Shirt

My new fav top is the chambray shirt. What was once considered part of the Texas tuxedo is now a wardrobe staple in any fashion forward girl's closet. It goes great with leggings, colored jeans, shorts, skirts, on top of dresses for warmth, or under sweaters for a preppy look. It can also take a backseat to statement pieces like a bright colored scarf or a bold necklace. It is so versatile and comfy that it can really be worn no matter where you are or what season it is. Check out my quest to find the perfect chambray shirt!! 
Anna Lynne McCord looks to have found her perfect fit

The chambray shirt is an investment piece, one that you can have for a while and wear a lot. To find the perfect shirt I scoured everywhere. Store after store I tried on chambray shirts. Dark, light, distressed, crisp, wrinkled: if they had it, I tried it. With my mom as my critic (lord knows she'll tell me the truth) I was on a mission. After careful evaluation and deliberation I decided on the Trouve faded denim shirt.

Trouve Faded Denim shirt-Nordstroms

It has the perfect amount of fade and it is super comfy so I was sold! I love the detailed buttons and the fact it could be styled with the sleeves up or down. Here are some ways I have styled my new fav so far. 

Way I wear it: Trouve Shirt worn with: H&M pink and white striped sweater (similar), Tiffany Somerset knot earrings , silver rose quartz ring (gifted)

Way I wear it: Trouve Shirt worn with: H&M black high wasted shorts,  A/X oversize sunglasses, black onyx bracelet, H&M zebra print head scarf (similar)

During my quest to find my perfect shirt, I did happen to run into a couple close seconds, which I will share incase you too are looking for a perfect way to update your wardrobe with this classic shirt.

Ralph Lauren Chambray Shirt- Close second but too fitted for my taste.
J.Crew Chambray Shirt- Loved the fit but not the buttons on the sleeves.

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